Why Smartover Social?

Build real connection through social.

We build social solutions that put actual connection inside reach

At Smartover Social, we agree with the electricity of social is its capacity to foster deep, significant relationships between human beings and the communities, companies and brands that rely to them.

Thousands of feature awaiting for you.

Your consumers’ expectations for how you interact on social have additionally evolved.
  • The stakes have in no way been higher 72% of clients would buy a brand after a positive, linked social interaction.
  • 24% of customers could boycott a brand after a terrible social interaction.
  • Manage your social interaction with your customers.

The buyer journey is no longer linear

Your audience not moves closer to buy in a instantly line. But social has made it easy for them to engage with your brand in different methods at unique factors in their journey, and peer-to-peer hints imply that their first factor of contact with you is often a person they know, not your emblem messaging.

The Smart Social family of products is designed for the brand new social advertising paradigm

  • Open
    Full social asset management, workflow/collaboration and publishing gear to transparently inform your logo’s story.
  • Real
    Deep social listening and analytics to access social facts for purchaser insights, so that you recognise what your audience cares about and wherein your emblem can most authentically engage.
  • Empathetic
    Myriad options for engagement and social CRM that enables you to pick out and understand the person wishes of your consumers and provide resources and resolution on their terms.

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